Latest Past Events

Queering Thelema

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. As Pride Month comes to a close, we must not forget that every moment of every day is worthy of the magick and festival that is Pride. To that end, Fratrem Ozomahtli has prepared a lecture on what it means to be a Queer […]

Creating Ritual Incense (In-Person)

RSVP REQUIRED, see details below. Sr. V.I.T.R.I.O.L. will lead this in-person workshop where you will create your own ritual incense blend using magical correspondences, timing, and techniques. RSVP at least three days in advance (6/9/22) is required, to allow the presenter to purchase and prepare raw materials. This class is $10 for non-members and free […]

Meet & Greet (Colorado Springs)

Are you curious about Ordo Templi Orientis here in Denver, CO? Come join us for a public Meet and Greet with several members from Crux Ansata Oasis! We're happy to talk about Thelema, magick, the O.T.O., or just hang out and have fun. If you are interested, contact for the location.

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